DisH - Driver

DisH — Driver

Song: DisH — Driver ⇒
Driving near the railway
It is not like driving in a LA
Get yourself really prepared
And be an angel yourself

First you need a cool mean car
Some stuff could make it play
Don’t forget about two hot twins
If u wanna be a driver in a LA

Yeah aaa
Feel yourself comfort it’s a wonderful cozy chairs
Yeah aaa
Driver sings all night
So please Will you let me in?

big red radio button on
Spirits everywhere did you see them all?
Need some more speed to break a walls
Meatballs wind blows I dunno

I’m just dreaming about how it’s like to be a cool guy with a big steel car in a shiny new leather jacket

Yeah aaa
Black skin and black dress
Jack for your friend
Yeah aaa
Selling my trip
Selling your trip